What Does MS Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Have you come across gamers comparing their “ms” to each other? If you have no idea what “ms” means and want to find out what it is to join in on conversations in the gaming community, we have the meaning of the term for you below.

What does MS Mean in Gaming?

The term “ms” stands for “millisecond.” Your ping, which is measured in milliseconds, is how fast your internet speed is. The lower the ping, the better your speed is. So, if you have a lower ms, you won’t experience lags while playing a game.

Alternative Meanings

The term “ms” only means milliseconds in the gaming world.

Examples of MS in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Jack – Wow, you have really low ms. Must be so cool to play with that ms.
  • Marvin – Yeah, man. No lagging at all.

Example 2

  • John – My game is lagging. 
  • Andrew – Check your ping. You might have high ms and it can really mess up your game.

Example 3

  • George –What is your ms?
  • Michael – Around 45. It’s not that bad.

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