What Does NGR Mean in Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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Are you finding it hard to learn every single gaming slang in the online gaming community? Don’t worry; we’ll help you out by giving you the definition of each term. Now, we’ll discuss the meaning of NGR.

What does NGR Mean in Gaming?

NGR stands for “Net Gaming Revenue.” NGR is what a professional player earns while playing in tournaments and matches. It is the gross sales minus the winnings of a gamer. Every country has a different NGR, some might be higher than other countries.

Alternative Meanings

NGR only means one thing.

Examples of NGR in Gaming

Example 1

  • Cory – I heard there’s a huge sum of NGR for the tournament.
  • Milo – Really/ Sign me up then!

Example 2

  • Jake– The latest NGR is a bit small compared to last year.
  • Ronny – Yeah, right. But, it’s still money.

Example 3

  • Peter – Woah, that’s a huge amount of NGR!
  • Jacques – Right? Let’s join and hope to win!

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