What Does OFP Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Have you been seeing the term “OFP” lately but have no idea what it means? We get that it’s hard to keep up with millions of gaming slang in the community today. Therefore, we’ll help you by giving you the definition of “OFP” which you can find below.

What does OFP Mean in Gaming?

OFP stands for “Operation: Flashpoint” which is an online multiplayer game that’s popular today. OFP was created by Bohemia Interactive Studio based in Prague. This game is one of the few recognized games that does not originate in the United States.

Alternative Meanings

  • OFP only means Operation Flashpoint.

Examples of OFP in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Drake – Come, I have a new game.
  • Bonnie – OFP? Looks cool!

Example 2

  • Dwayne – Wanna try this game? It’s OFP.
  • Kelvin – I’m busy now. How bout tomorrow?

Example 3

  • Harry – OFP is sick, dude!
  • Ashton – I know! Let’s play another round!

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