What Does OG Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

In the real world, OG has a lot of meanings. But, what does it mean in the gaming universe? Since you are here, we know that you are curious to know about the meaning of OG in online gaming. We’ll also provide you with examples.

What does OG Mean in Gaming?

The term “OG” is mostly used in the game, Fortnite. It means “Original Gangster”. An OG is a highly-skilled player that’s been playing the game for a significant amount of time. The player should possess unrivaled skills and years of gaming experience to be called an “OG”.

Alternative Meanings

Maybe you’ve heard “OG” in songs, particularly rap, movies, and tv shows; and now in the gaming industry. So, here are some alternative meanings for OG.

  • OG is also used for “original gamer”, or a person who’s the first person to play a game.
  • OG sometimes means “old school” but is not that commonly associated with old school these days.

Examples of OG in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Gamer 1 – Do you know who plays the OG?
  • Gamer 2 – I heard the player is from the same school we go to.

Example 2

  • Bryan – Stop claiming to be the OG. I am the OG!.
  • Rick – Yeah, right. Let me see you in-game.

Example 3

  • Carl – Did you play with him last night?
  • Mike – Of course! I wouldn’t miss teaming up with an OG.

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