What Does OP Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

The gaming language can be confusing, so we want to help you out. If you are curious about what OP means, we provided the meaning and some examples to get you started in learning about the word. 

What does OP Mean in Gaming?

When someone online says “OP”, take it as a compliment. The term is an abbreviation for “overpowered” or a player who is the strongest in the game. When you are an OP in any game, you have the greatest advantage because you overpower the other players.

Alternative Meanings

OP has other meanings, like:

  • Operation Post – used in military-like online games
  • Original Poster – as in the first poster released for a specific online game.

Examples of OP in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Player 1 – There’s a new OP character launch tomorrow!
  • Player 2 – I can’t wait!

Example 2

  • Ben – Hey, nice game. You were an OP in the arena!
  • John – Thanks!

Example 3

  • Rey – You think you can defeat an OP?
  • Mark – I sure can try. 

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