What Does Panda Mean In Rap? (EXPLAINED)

Sidney Royel Selby III or Desiigner is a talented and young rapper that burst into the scene in 2015. His momentum was somewhat hampered lately. But how does he relate to Panda?

Panda was actually his debut single that became top 1 in the US Billboard Top 100. What does he mean by Panda in his song? He was just simply describing the BMX bike he loves since it has the colors of a panda. When using this slang in rap, you might be referring to the song itself like:

“Panda has a nasty hook. I can’t stop listening and singing.”

Or you might be referring to something that has some resemblance to a panda like:

“My first BMW will be a panda. I want the colors to be primarily white with some black accents. 

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