What Does Panini Mean In Rap? (EXPLAINED)

When Lil Nas X broke into the rap scene with “Old Town Road,” he became a record-setting artist that no one can deny. However, his next song, “Panini,” is arguably a better and more astounding single than his hit. What does “Panini” mean?

While you assume that it references the sandwich that is smooth and delicious, which Lil Nas X exhibits in the song and MV, Panini means entirely different. The song refers to the character from the cartoon “Chowder.” Panini is an obsessive character that has some major crush on the protagonist. Panini references the fans that loved him when he was starting but hated him when he became mainstream. 


“Panini’s got me dancing and busting out my old moves.”


“I think Panini deserved that Grammy, especially after that performance.”

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