What Does Platform Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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So, what is Platform in gaming? If you want to know what it means in the online gaming world, you can check out the definition below. This way, you’ll understand the term when another gamer talks about it.

What does Platform Mean in Gaming?

A gaming platform is a certain combination of electronic or computer hardware made specifically for a said game. If you try playing  games on a different platform, chances are it won’t work. There are different platforms for different games, so ensure that your console can handle each of them.

Alternative Meanings

  • Platform has no alternative meanings in the online gaming universe.

Examples of Platform in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Maria – That’s a nice game. Can I borrow that?
  • Jenny – Okay, just try because it has a different platform than the rest of your games.

Example 2

  • Max – Let’s try this game. It looks exciting.
  • Joe – Oh, but it has a different platform. It won’t work here.

Example 3

  • Ethan – Have you tried this new game?
  • Judy – Yeah. I just downloaded it and its platform. 

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