What Does Pluto Mean In Rap? (EXPLAINED)

Rap artists are very creative in expressing their thoughts and ideas. This includes the use of objects that surround them. Thus, objects become a symbol of one’s expression to fit their opinion. 

Among the objects used by rap artists in their music is the word “pluto.” The term is commonly known to many as a planet in the universe. 

However, in rap music, the term is used to describe something that is remote or isolated from other things. Just like the planet itself, it is very far from the sun and other planets.

It can also pertain to someone who has risen swiftly through the ranks at work only to discover that they are unfit for the position, resulting in humiliating relegation.

“His place is like a Pluto due to its distance from the city.”
“That thing is like a Pluto when mixed with others.”

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