What Does PUG Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

If you’re new to the gaming community, chances are you’re already overwhelmed with tons of slang that can get confusing. Therefore, we’ll help you understand them; one slang at a time. Today, we’ll talk about the term PUG. See what it means below.

What does PUG Mean in Gaming?

PUG means “Pick Up Group”. It is usually used in MMORPG games where players are picked using an ad-hoc basis. The team formed in this specific game will be disbanded after the game. PUG is different from guilds and clans and is only used when there is a specific objective in a game that only a team can do.

Alternative Meanings

PUG can also mean:

  • Pick Up Game
  • Pick Up Group

Examples of PUG in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Dennis – I joined a PUG for an objective. The game was intense.
  • Fred – That’s why I refrain from joining a PUG if possible.

Example 2

  • Cory – Let’s join a PUG.
  • Troy – How do we do that?

Example 3

  • Hans – Stop joining PUGs. You could lose your ranking.

Edmund – Oh no! Thanks for telling me!

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