What Does Punchline Mean In Rap? (EXPLAINED)

The word “punchline” is something that most people are familiar with. It is commonly associated with the entertainment industry as well as the media. 

The word is highly associated with the comedy industry, but at the same is used in the rap industry. A punchline is the part of the joke at the end where the audience or listener laughs at the wit and humor of the lyrics.

It can also be used in freestyle, where there are rhyming words, but the joke is personal and attacks the other party. This punchline is often used in flip-top battles, which is a form of battle rap, where two or more parties are throwing punchlines at one another in a rap manner. Each party is expected to have a rebuttal as a response.

“The comedian’s punchline is hilarious.”

“The rapper’s punchline goes way out of line.” 

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