What Does PvE Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Are you unfamiliar with PvE? If so, don’t worry, for we will help you learn about what PvE stands for. You can find its definition below, together with a few examples of how to use the term in a sentence. This way, you are equipped the next time you join a conversation with other gamers.

What does PvE Mean in Gaming?

PvE is an option in games where a player battles with artificial intelligence. PvE or player versus environment is commonly played by gamers who just want a chill game or to practice their skills before entering a player vs player game.

Alternative Meanings

PvE only stands for player vs environment in the gaming community.

Examples of PvE in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Jeff – Let’s test our new skills!
  • Claire – Okay. I’ll enter a PvE to test mine. 

Example 2

  • Rhode – Why are you playing PvE?
  • Denmark – I’m just tired of playing with other gamers.

Example 3

  • Jack – I’m practicing this new skill in PvE.
  • Paul – Cool! Let me see.

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