What Does PvP Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

If you are new to online gaming, maybe you don’t know what PvP means. You can see this acronym almost in any game you play, so it’s not so bad to learn the meaning of it. You can also study the examples we provided below to understand how PvP is used in a conversation. Let’s get started!

What does PvP Mean in Gaming?

PvP means “person vs. person” in online gaming. In most games, you have an option to play with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) or another real-life person. In PvP, you can also interact with another player rather than finishing the game by yourself.

Alternative Meanings

Some other meanings for PvP are listed below, but it is not commonly used today since these are from decades ago.


  • Packet Video Protocol
  • Personal Video Player
  • Potentially Violent Person 

Examples of PvP in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Mason – Have you tried the game’s new update on the PvP mode?
  • Ella– Not yet. Maybe this weekend.

Example 2

  • Derek – I got this game. Let’s play PvP.
  • Finn – Fun! Okay, let’s go.

Example 3

  • George – Hey! Wanna go to my place and try the new PvP mode on my game?
  • Dani – That’d be awesome, sure!

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