What Does Scrub Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Did a gamer call you scrub or have you encountered a gamer call another a scrub? If you have no idea what scrub means, then, we have the meaning of the term for you below. We also provided a few examples of how to use the scrub in a sentence.

What does Scrub Mean in Gaming?

A scrub is a gamer who continuously complains about anything and everything about a game he or she is playing. These kinds of players are newbies and want to try and change the rules of the game without knowing how to properly play. 

Alternative Meanings

Scrub has no other meaning.

Examples of Scrub in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Rachel – That scrub was so annoying!
  • Louise – We won’t let him join the team in the next round.

Example 2

  • Marko – You’re so annoying, scrub!
  • Del – I am no scrub!

Example 3

  • Cloud – Let’s invite him to play.
  • Earl – No way! He’s a scrub.


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