What Does Selling Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Selling could mean differently in the gaming community, so if you are confused about the term. You can learn the meaning below. We provided the definition of Selling in gaming and some examples so you can use the term in a sentence.

What does Selling Mean in Gaming?

Selling is an action that describes the bad skills or contribution of a gamer. A gamer might have a terrible shot, cannot defend the team’s base, always dies, or does not have any contribution to the team that is beneficial to everyone.

Alternative Meanings

Selling has no other meaning than the one discussed above.

Examples of Selling in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Gavin – He’s totally selling!
  • Matt – I know! Who let him join the team?!

Example 2

  • Drew – What are you doing? You’re selling!
  • Taylor – I’m just off my game today.

Example 3

  • Laurent – Great! He’s not even doing anything!
  • Carl – That player is selling! Kick him out.

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