What Does SF Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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The term “SF” can have plenty of meaning, especially when you are looking into the gaming community. Therefore, we’ll help you learn the definition of “SF” which is the most popular of all. We have the meaning of “SF” for you below!

What does SF Mean in Gaming?

SF stands for “Special Force” and is a popular game that’s developed by the company Dragonfly. The company is based in South Korea and is planning to expand the game worldwide. Asian countries and the USA have already tried the game.

Alternative Meanings

SF could also mean:

  • Soldier Front
  • Star Frontier
  • Street Fighter

Examples of SF in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Klein – Are you playing SF? Is it nice?
  • Flynn – Yes. It’s really cool!

Example 2

  • Harper – Join me in SF!
  • Jace – Wait, I’m in another game. I’ll join you once I’m done.

Example 3

  • Allan – How come you’re not playing SF?
  • Ellie – I guess I just haven’t tried it.

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