What Does SMP Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Have you encountered a person in the gaming community talking about SMP? If you are unfamiliar with the term but want to learn more about it, then you can find the definition of SMP below. We also have a few examples for you to check.

What does SMP Mean in Gaming?

SMP stands for “Survival Multiplayer” and is an in-game mode in Minecraft and other similar games. These games will let you play in Survival Mode wherein you get to build shelter, rummage for food and water, and fight off monsters to stay alive.

Alternative Meanings

SMP does not have any other meanings.

Examples of SMP in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Carl – Woah! That is a creepy game.
  • Kevin – It’s an SMP game with a horror setting. Wanna watch me play?

Example 2

  • Drew – Let’s try SMP mode.
  • Andy – Oh, that’s fun! Let’s try it.

Example 3

  • Louise – Hey, Amari. Let’s play Minecraft SMP mode. Let’s build houses together.
  • Amari – Sure, Louise!

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