What Does Smurfing Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Is smurfing the little blue guys we watched growing up? In gaming slang, smurfing means differently. If you are curious to know what smurfing means, we have the definition below. You can also learn how smurfing is used in a sentence.

What does Smurfing Mean in Gaming?

Smurfing is the act of playing in a lower rank in online games. If you have a higher ranking and make another account to join low-ranking gamers, you are smurfing. It’s not a negative action but others deem this as a negative way of showing off. 

Alternative Meanings

There are no alternative meanings of smurfing in online games than the one we discussed above.

Examples of Smurfing in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Guy 1 – You’re good for a noob. Are you smurfing?
  • Guy 2 – No, I’m not. I’m new to this game.

Example 2

  • Rayn – What the… how are you good at this?!
  • Marco – TBH, I’m just smurfing here. 

Example 3

  • Gamer A – Smurfing isn’t so bad, you know.
  • Gamer B – Yeah, but what’s the point? To show off?

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