What Does SND Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Are you confused because of so much gaming slang? If you are, we understand. Every day, it seems there is a new slang you need to learn. So, we’ll help you out by giving you the definition of SND today!

What does SND Mean in Gaming?

SND means “Search and Destroy.” This term is popular in most online games where players find the enemy and destroy their base to win a game. So, the next time you join a multiplayer game and see your teammate type this, you’ll know what to do.

Alternative Meanings

SND can also stand for:

  • Seek and Destroy

Examples of SND in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Derek – SND, team.
  • Riley – I’ll take the center lane.

Example 2

  • Dawson – What’s the game plan?
  • Flint – SND. Don’t hold back!

Example 3

  • Drake – Let’s win this game!
  • Marty – Alright! SND!


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