What Does Spawn Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

We know you have heard of the term “spawn” in online gaming forums and while playing. We also know that because there is plenty of gaming slang today, it may be overwhelming to learn all of them at once. So, we provided the definition of “spawn” to start with.

What does Spawn Mean in Gaming?

The term “spawn” describes the situation wherein a character comes back to life after being killed in the game. It will take time to spawn and some games will have a longer respawn time the more deaths your character experiences.

Alternative Meanings

The term “spawn” does not have alternative meanings in the gaming community.

Examples of Spawn in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Roxy – I’m spawning. I’ll catch up!
  • Mikel – Hurry! We’re about to attack full force.

Example 2

  • Paul – Where are you, Riley?
  • Riley – My character died. It’s respawning.

Example 3

  • Vince – I’ll be there. I have a short spawn time.
  • Wyatt – Okay, then we’ll attack!

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