What Does Swatted Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Are you just learning about gaming slang and terms? If not, then you can learn it with us! Below, you’ll find the meaning of swatted, and we added a few examples for you to understand it better when used in a conversation.

What does Swatted Mean in Gaming?

When a gamer or streamer swatted another person, it means that he or she called the police and reported a fake crime just to prank the other person. This kind of prank can lead to imprisonment, so this is not advisable.

Alternative Meanings

Swatted only means one thing in the gaming community.

Examples of Swatted in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Mark – Did you watch gamer X being swatted yesterday?
  • James – I did! I hope they catch the prankster.

Example 2

  • Chleo – Getting swatted is not good, you know.
  • Arya – I know. That’s why I don’t support streamers that do that.

Example 3

  • Garry – Are you watching player Y being swatted during his livestream?
  • Jessie – Yes, I’m watching. I know who did that.

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