What Does Szn Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Another abbreviation is here, and it’s szn. So, are you not familiar with this word? That’s okay! We’ll help you learn what szn is, so in your next game or conversation, you’ll know the meaning and how it’s used.

What does Szn Mean in Gaming?

The term “szn” is an abbreviation for the word “season”. In Fortnite, the game updates and new game features are uploaded and sometimes a new world is created for the players. This update is what people call szn. Just like a new season, there is a new chance to win and play in new settings.

Alternative Meanings

There are no other meaning for szn in gaming.

Examples of Szn in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Bailey – Have you updated your game?
  • Jake – It’s just about done. I’m excited about the new szn.

Example 2

  • Lucas – Are you not done with this szn yet? There’s a new one coming.
  • Angie – I’m almost done playing.

Example 3

  • Brad – I can’t believe there’s still no news about the latest szn!
  • Marty – I know! I finished this szn weeks ago!

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