What Does Tbagging Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Tbagging may sound rude, and most of you might know a different one. But, this is a funny action in the online gaming universe. Do you wish to know what tbagging means in-game? Read the definition below. 

What does Tbagging Mean in Gaming?

Tbagging is an action wherein a player’s character in a game, crouches up and down the dead body of his or her opponent’s character. This gesture is a form of teasing and a way to irritate an opponent. This gesture is not to be taken seriously.

Alternative Meanings

Tbagging only has one meaning.

Examples of Tbagging in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Frank – Look at that player tbagging the opponent’s corpse!
  • Blake – Lol. That’s a funny move.

Example 2

  • Ryan – Please be serious!
  • Holly – Oh, come on! A little tbagging won’t hurt! lol

Example 3

  • Mason – Tbagging is a childish move.
  • Ezra – It’s just a game. Take it easy. lol

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