What Does TDM Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Have you come across the term TDM in gaming? Maybe you’ve tried this but don’t know it’s called TDM. so, we gathered the definition of TDM below and some examples for you to understand it better.

What does TDM Mean in Gaming?

TDM means “Team DeathMatch”. It is like any deathmatch mode in games, except you are with a team instead of playing with other individual players. The total number of kills in a team determines who wins a match.

Alternative Meanings

  • TDM only means “Team DeathMatch” in the gaming universe.

Examples of TDM in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Team X – Great TDM. See you again in the arena!
  • Team Y – gg, let’s have a match soon.

Example 2

  • Player – Don’t play TDM if you just lose all the time. lol
  • Opponent – Don’t let the win get in your head, lol

Example 3

  • Gab – Let’s play TDM. It’s better.

Shannon – Alright, let me just finish my match.

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