What Does Teabag Mean in Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Have you heard about teabag but don’t know what it means? If so, you’ll need to know the meaning of teabag now. You can find its definition along with a few examples to help you understand the term teabag more.

What does Teabag Mean in Gaming?

A “teabag” is an action wherein a character squats on the face of another character (like a tea bag dipped in water) that he or she killed. This action is a show of mockery and also a humorous display in-game. When a gamer does this, he or she is celebrating the fact that he or she has killed an enemy player and trying to mock the player.

Alternative Meanings

Teabag does not have any other definition.

Examples of Teabag in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Nash – Oh, check out player 1! He did a teabag, lol.
  • Dwayne – That’s nasty! But, it’s funny, lol.

Example 2

  • June – Stop with the teabag! You’re like a child!
  • Seth – You’re just bitter cause I defeated you, lol.

Example 3

  • Ian – Stop that!
  • Cody – Are you not enjoying the teabag? lol


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