What Does TG Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

If you have been seeing the term “TG” in games and forums but are shy to ask what it means, you can find out here. We have the definition of TG below, along with a few examples for you to read!

What does TG Mean in Gaming?

TG means “terrible game” and is the opposite of the term GG or “good game.” Gamers use this term when they do not see eye to eye with a game outcome or if the opponent is bitter about losing a match.

Alternative Meanings

TG could also mean:

  • Too Good
  • Ta Geule – French for STFU

Examples of TG in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Sheldon – TG, team! Let’s do better!
  • Woody – Okay!

Example 2

  • Haper – Ugh, hate this match!
  • Kent – TG, right? Let’s have a break after this.

Example 3

  • Leonard – What a TG! Will never play with them ever again!
  • Richie – I know! Let’s not join them next time, okay?

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