What Does Toxic Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Toxic is used not only in the gaming community but in workplaces and homes too. So, what does toxic mean online? We’ve searched for the meaning, and we’ll share it with you! Wanna know how you can use toxic in conversations? We provided some examples too!

What does Toxic Mean in Gaming?

The term toxic describes a person who is always in a bad mood, complains, or says bad words while in-game. This person could be frustrated because he or she is losing or this person just wants to spread bad vibes to other players. 

Alternative Meanings

Toxic does not have any other meaning in online gaming. 

Examples of Toxic in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Larry – Why’d you cuck us?!
  • Frank– No, I didn’t! I lost my connection!

Example 2

  • Reed – You can play this by yourself. I’m done!
  • Garry – So, what, you’re just gonna cuck out o us?!

Example 3

  • Friend A – Leaders never cuck their members! You’re off the team!
  • Friend B – Whatever!

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