What Does Washed Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Are you not sure what to say when someone types the term “wash” on your chatbox? If you are having trouble understanding gaming terms, then we’ll help you out one gaming slang at a time. Today, we have the definition of “washed.”

What does Washed Mean in Gaming?

Washed is a term used to call a once-skilled player that had a hiatus in the gaming community. When they got back, it seems they are no longer skilled, and looks like they only got the game. So, if someone says you’re washed, it means you are not good at a game. 

Alternative Meanings

Washed does not have any other meaning.

Examples of Washed in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Craig – Dude, what happened? You’re washed!
  • Paul – Sorry, I just can’t concentrate.

Example 2

  • Cady – Looks like you’re washed! lol
  • Joel – Hey, I’m not! Wait and see!

Example 3

  • Harold – Did you hear player Y being called washed? He was one of the best. What happened to him?
  • Benjie – I heard he had a financial problem and needed to focus on work instead of gaming.

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