What Does WYO Mean In Texting? (Explained With Examples)

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Are you curious about what WYO means in texting? No worries, we have the answers for you in this article! We’re going to explain what it means and provide you with some examples of how to use it…

What does WYO Mean in Texting?

WYO is an acronym for “what you on?”. This phrase is actually quite simple, and it is used when you want to ask someone what’s up. It is often used when texting with a romantic interest. You are basically asking them what they are doing and if they wanted to do something together. This phrase originated from hip-hop slang.

Alternative Meanings

It can also mean a few other things, but it would be rare to see them used this way…

  • Wyomissing
  • Wyoming
  • World Youth Organization

Examples of WYO in Text Slang

Example 1

  • Jim – Hey girl, WYO?
  • Pam – Not much, why? Wanna do something?

Example 2

  • Michael – We’ve been texting for a minute now, so I gotta ask… WYO girl?
  • Gina  – Just chilling. You can come over if you’d like?

Example 3

  • Rocky – So that’s it, I’m free now for the rest of the day. WYO?

Leah – I’m working for 2 more hours, we can meet up after I’m done?

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