What Does Xo Mean In Rap? (EXPLAINED)

Music is one creative way of expressing one’s self. It uses symbolic words to express one’s opinions, feelings, thoughts, and ideas. One genre of music is rap, where lyrics are spoken fast and the rhythm is faster than in other genres.

Among the lyrics that can be found on rap lyrics is the abbreviation “Xo,” which connotes various meanings depending on utilization. For some songs, it is referred to as “Hugs and Kisses” to express one’s sincerity, love, or faith. 

On the other hand, for others, it pertains to the fans of The Weeknd, who is a famous Canadian singer. since the abbreviation was also used by The Weeknd as the name of his record label.

“See you next month, xo”
“I love The Weeknd’s Xo record label.”

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