What Does YT Mean In Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

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What could YT mean in gaming? With many gamers using this abbreviation, we can get confused and overwhelmed. So, we figured out what YT means and provided you with the definition below. 

What does YT Mean in Gaming?

In gaming, YT means “Your Turn.” It is easier to abbreviate or use acronyms while playing an online game to reach out to teammates and inform them of what to do next. When a gamer types YT, it means that it’s your turn to make a move or to talk.

Alternative Meanings

YT could also mean:

  • You There?
  • You Think

Examples of YT in Gaming Slang

Example 1

  • Fredrick – Just shot the enemy, I have no ammo. It’s yt.
  • Macky – Alright, stay behind me.

Example 2

  • Marlow – Tell me when to attack.
  • Pheobe – I’m done. It’s yt now.

Example 3

  • Matthew – Hey, what are you doing? It’s yt!
  • Denver – Sorry, got distracted.

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