Words That Rhyme with Wives (100 Handpicked Rhymes & Phrases)

Welcome to this guide on the best words that rhyme with wives!

Here you’ll find the top 100 words and phrases for rhyming the word ‘wives’ in a poem or song lyrics.

You’ll also find some example lyrics that incorporate rhymes of the word wives.

Pretty cool huh?

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Words That Rhyme With Wives

  1. Lives
  2. Drives
  3. Hives
  4. Jives
  5. Strives
  6. Arrives
  7. Survives
  8. Thrives
  9. Dives
  10. Archives
  11. Fives
  12. Clives
  13. Knives
  14. Rives
  15. Shives
  16. Stives
  17. Waives
  18. Beeswax
  19. Injives
  20. Contrives
  21. Derives
  22. Revives
  23. Connives
  24. Deprives
  25. Shrive
  26. Anadipses
  27. Relives
  28. Heaves
  29. Slives
  30. Wiverns
  31. Midwives
  32. Connivance
  33. Plights
  34. Rights
  35. White’s
  36. Outdrives
  37. Oldwives
  38. Fiddles
  39. Disguises
  40. Blood drives
  41. Surmises
  42. Implies
  43. Levi’s
  44. Hooves
  45. Oozes
  46. Misgives
  47. Chives
  48. Believes
  49. Gives
  50. Receives

Phrases That Rhyme With Wives

  1. Knives in drawers
  2. Strives to thrive
  3. Jives with their lives
  4. Arrives on time
  5. Survives the strife
  6. Drives on the road
  7. Lives in the moment
  8. Hives on the skin
  9. Wives and their kin
  10. Strives for success
  11. Arrives in style
  12. Survives the test
  13. Drives a hard bargain
  14. Lives in luxury
  15. Hives on the rise
  16. Jives with the music
  17. Wives and their lives
  18. Strives to survive
  19. Arrives at the scene
  20. Survives the battle
  21. Drives with precision
  22. Lives with passion
  23. Hives in the hive
  24. Wives and their drive
  25. Strives to improve
  26. Arrives with a bang
  27. Survives the challenge
  28. Drives for the win
  29. Lives with purpose
  30. Hives full of bees
  31. Jives with the rhythm
  32. Wives and their ties
  33. Strives for excellence
  34. Arrives on cue
  35. Survives the danger
  36. Drives a hard line
  37. Lives with intention
  38. Hives buzzing with activity
  39. Wives and their strive
  40. Strives for greatness
  41. Arrives in grandeur
  42. Survives the ordeal
  43. Drives for the goal
  44. Lives with grace
  45. Hives in the garden
  46. Jives with the beat
  47. Wives and their thrive
  48. Strives to achieve
  49. Arrives in glory
  50. Survives the storm

Example Poem/Song Using Wives

In our lives, there are those we choose, To share the path and never lose. Our partners, soulmates, and our friends, Our rock, our solace, till the very end.

Their love is like a sharpened knife, That cuts through chaos and brings new life. With them beside us, we’ll always thrive, And every obstacle, we’ll survive.

Through winding roads, we’ll take the drives, Together hand in hand, our bond alive. With strength and courage, we will arrive, At every destination, we’ll strive.

So here’s to the ones we call our wives, The queens of our hearts, who bring joy to our lives. May our love forever thrive, With them by our side, we’ll always survive.