Words That Rhyme with Z (100 Handpicked Rhymes & Phrases)

Welcome to this guide on the best words that rhyme with z!

Here you’ll find the top 100 words and phrases for rhyming the word ‘z’ in a poem or song lyrics.

You’ll also find some example lyrics that incorporate rhymes of the word z.

Pretty cool huh?

Let’s get started…

Words That Rhyme With Z

  1. Bee
  2. Three
  3. Free
  4. Tree
  5. Me
  6. See
  7. Key
  8. Wee
  9. Degree
  10. Agree
  11. Dee
  12. Glee
  13. He
  14. Knee
  15. Lee
  16. Pee
  17. Sea
  18. Tea
  19. V
  20. She
  21. Hee-hee
  22. Ji
  23. Yi
  24. Zea
  25. Si
  26. Kiwi
  27. Flee
  28. Guarantee
  29. Jubilee
  30. Liturgy
  31. Montgomery
  32. Pea
  33. Tee
  34. Trinity
  35. Unfree
  36. Vienna
  37. Witty
  38. XTC
  39. Yankee
  40. Zucchini
  41. Fizzy
  42. Jizzy
  43. Quizzy
  44. Wizzy
  45. Razzy
  46. Jazzy
  47. Buzzy
  48. Spazing
  49. Fazzy
  50. Chazzy

Phrases That Rhyme With Z

  1. A cup of tea
  2. A sight to see
  3. As busy as a bee
  4. Be free
  5. Catch some z’s
  6. Climb a tree
  7. Come and see
  8. Count to three
  9. Don’t you agree?
  10. Eat with glee
  11. Feel the breeze
  12. Fly like a bee
  13. Get on your knees
  14. Go with the flow
  15. Hear a plea
  16. High degree
  17. I guarantee
  18. In the key of C
  19. Jump with glee
  20. Keep the key
  21. Let it be
  22. Look and see
  23. Make a plea
  24. On bended knee
  25. One, two, three
  26. Open sesame
  27. Over the sea
  28. Paint a scene
  29. Play the Wii
  30. Queen bee
  31. See the debris
  32. See the glee
  33. Shake a tree
  34. Sing with glee
  35. Swim in the sea
  36. Take a knee
  37. Tee hee
  38. The life of Riley
  39. The letter “C”
  40. To a tee
  41. To infinity and beyond
  42. Too busy
  43. Tree of life
  44. Under the sea
  45. Walk with me
  46. Welcome thee
  47. What you see
  48. With great glee
  49. You and me
  50. Zoo entry

Example Poem/Song Using Z

Z, oh zee, a letter so fine A sound that’s unique, so sublime It rhymes with glee and degree and tree And even with the word, “Z!”

In the busy hive of the alphabet, Z is the worker bee that you should not forget. It flies and buzzes with great ease, Collecting pollen of words, it aims to please.

From a cup of tea to a sight to see, Z works hard, it’s plain to see. With its busy wings, it flits about, Always in motion, there’s never a doubt.

Z can climb a tree and catch some z’s, It can even hear the pleas of the breeze. It’s a letter of action, always on the go, A perfect partner for a high degree show.

Z, oh z, we raise a cheer, For this amazing letter, always so dear. Let’s raise our voices and shout with glee, For the magnificent letter, that rhymes with “Z!”