British Slang For Loser (10 Examples)

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Calling someone a loser is frowned upon. So, to be safe, we listed 10 British slang for the word “loser”. You can use these words, and we guarantee you are free to insult someone without them knowing.


British Slang For Loser (In Alphabetical Order)


  • Meaning:
  • (Noun) Cockup is a term used to describe something that is done in the wrong way. Today, people who do something bad are losers, therefore, cockup has become common British slang for “loser”.
  • Example: You’re such a cockup for cheating!



  • Meaning:
  • (Noun) A dweeb is a person who’s insignificant, inept, or unattractive. The word is used as British slang for “loser”, especially amongst the younger generation. It is also a popular choice of word in the US.
  • Example: Don’t go in the direction I’m going, dweeb!



  • Meaning:
  • (Noun) The word “dork” is used to describe a person who’s socially awkward, making them stand out of the crowd in a bad way. This British slang for “loser” is also used in countries like the US and is often used in name-calling amongst children and teens.
  • Example: That dork is the weirdest kid in school.



  • Meaning:
  • (Noun) “Dud” is a word that means someone is always failing or losing. Therefore, it has now become common British slang for “loser”. Although uncommon in other parts of the world, “dud” is often used in the UK today.
  • Example:  What a dud. He can’t even finish a simple activity.



  • Meaning:
  • (Noun) “Flop” is often used to describe an idea that failed. You can also hear this being said when movies don’t become that popular. Today, it is also used as British slang for the word “loser”.
  • Example: I can’t believe she’s a flop. She would’ve been popular by now.



  • Meaning:
  • (Noun) A flunkie is someone who does boring work. Today, having boring work means you are a loser, that is why it’s popular British slang for “loser” and most younger people use this slang.
  • Example: Hey flunkie, aren’t you bored with your life?



  • Meaning:
  • (Noun) The noun “has-been” is used to call a person who is not popular anymore. This term could also be used to call a thing or situation that’s not effective or is no longer needed. It is now common British slang for “loser” because becoming a has-been means you’re losing.
  • Example: Wow, she has become a has-been over our summer break.



  • Meaning:
  • (Noun) A nerd is an unpopular person with no social interaction skills. In modern times, the word “nerd” has a more positive meaning than before, but this British slang is still used as an insult that means “loser” in the UK.
  • Example: I can’t believe you are friends with a nerd!



  • Meaning:
  • (Noun) The word “non-starter” is derived from a horse that won’t race. It is used to call a useless person who doesn’t have a chance at success. This term is a widely-used British slang for “loser”.
  • Example: You are a non-starter that won’t make it anywhere!



  • Meaning:
  • (Noun) A washout is a person who is a failure. He or she could be a failure in school or at work. It is not a common term but some parts of the UK use this as British slang for “loser”.
  • Example: You should help yourself so you won’t be a washout like them.


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