British Slang For Mad (10 Examples)

Mad can mean a lot of things; it could mean you’re angry or it could mean you’re going crazy. Sometimes, it’s an expression of a feeling of excitement and surrealness. But, mad means crazy in the UK, so don’t get confused! Here is a list of British slang words for ‘mad’ that you can use!

British Slang For Mad (In Alphabetical Order)


  • Meaning:
  • (Adjective) Balmy is a British term for crazy or eccentric. It is a popular British slang that’s widely used in the UK today.
  • Example: I met a balmy person on the internet and I won’t be doing that any time soon.



  • Meaning:
  • (Adjective) Bananas are fruit to most people, but in British slang, it means to go ‘mad’ or ‘crazy’ about someone or something. It’s a funny term that can be confusing at times.
  • Example: I went bananas over this new internet trend I can’t seem to do!



  • Meaning:
  • (Adjective) The word ‘barmy’ is used in calling out someone foolish or crazy. It is the same as ‘balmy’ and is widely used as British slang today.
  • Example: Stop acting like a barmy!



  • Meaning:
  • (Adjective) When you say someone is bonkers, you’re implying that they’re foolish or act erratically. Bonkers is a popular British slang that is used today. You might hear the word in films and radio.
  • Example:  I think I’m going bonkers with all this studying!



  • Meaning:
  • (Adjective) Brainsick is mostly used as an insult to a person who’s gone mad or crazy. It is also a term used to call someone who has a mental illness, therefore, it is frowned upon in some parts of the UK.
  • Example: I guess I was brainsick when I believed all your lies.



  • Meaning:
  • (Adjective) The word ‘cuckoo’ is a term used for a person who is insane, foolish, or crazy. Cuckoo is British slang is a popular term used globally.
  • Example: She went cuckoo when he left her for someone younger.



  • Meaning:
  • (Adjective) Daft means a silly, foolish, or crazy person. It is British slang for the word ‘mad’ and is a popular choice in British countries.
  • Example: I think he’s daft because he can’t seem to focus on reality.



  • Meaning:
  • (Adjective) The word ‘demented’ means you are excessively scared, upset, or excited about something, you are unable to think or behave clearly. It is common British slang for the word ‘mad’. 
  • Example: When my dad lost my mom, he became demented.



  • Meaning:
  • (Adjective) When you criticize someone’s behavior or performance as unhinged, you’re expressing your displeasure with it because it appears wild, uncontrollable, or a bit mad. Therefore, it is British slang for ‘mad’ today.
  • Example: She’s become unhinged due to all the stress.



  • Meaning:
  • (Adjective) ‘Whacky’ is a word that describes a mad person who has strange or silly actions. Whacky is a positive British slang that is used worldwide.
  • Example: Her personality is so whacky, it makes me like her more.

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