British Slang For Orgasm (10 Examples)

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Orgasm used to be a taboo subject. Today, however, people talk about it more often, men and women alike. But you can still find people side-eyeing you if you openly talk about it. We gathered 10 British slang you can use to not be too obvious when talking about orgasms. 

British Slang For Orgasm (In Alphabetical Order)

At the peak

  • Meaning:
  • (Expression) ‘At the peak’ is British slang for when you and your partner reach climax and orgasm at the same time. When you climax, you feel like you’re at the peak and ready for the intense yet amazing sensation of an orgasm.
  • Example: We were at the peak last night!


Big O

  • Meaning:
  • (Expression) The expression ‘big o’ means a big orgasm. It usually happens when you’ve had intense sexual intercourse and are very aroused by your partner. This British slang is a humorous slang that is used so it’s not too obvious what you are talking about. 
  • Example: I was too aroused and had a big O!



  • Meaning:
  • (Noun) The word ‘climax’ is another term used for ‘orgasm’. It describes a feeling of intense pleasure when having sex, and when you’re about to orgasm. This British slang is a popular term worldwide.
  • Example: He did something amazing last night, and i was ready to climax in a matter of minutes!



  • Meaning:
  • (Noun) ‘Come’ is another term for ‘orgasm’ and is popularized by the entertainment industry. This is common British slang, and it can get confusing because it is a commonly used word to invite someone or to ask someone to go somewhere with you.
  • Example: I’m not sure if I can come again after an all-nighter.


Getting off

  • Meaning:
  • (Expression) The term ‘getting off’ is usually used in place of ‘orgasm’. It means to feel sexual pleasure or be aroused. This British slang is also an insult for somebody that enjoys doing harm or dangerous things.
  • Example: He’s getting off seeing other people lose their money.


Get my rocks off

  • Meaning:
  • (Expression) ‘Get my rocks off’ means to orgasm. The ‘rocks’ in this expression are the male genitalia, but the expression is also used with females. When you say ‘get my rocks off’ to someone, you are inviting him or her to have sex with you until you orgasm.
  • Example: Stop teasing and get my rocks off!



  • Meaning:
  • (Verb) ‘Melt’ is British slang for ‘orgasm’ and is commonly used to describe female orgasm. When women orgasm, they tend to ‘melt’ due to the intense feeling.
  • Example: I think I melted the second we started making out. It was that intense!


O spot

  • Meaning:
  • (Noun) The ‘O spot’ is the pleasure point of the female genitalia. Also, it is used in place of ‘orgasm’ and is popular British slang that most younger people use today.
  • Example: He was giving me the O spot last night and it felt great.



  • Meaning:
  • (Verb) ‘Pleasure’ is another term for orgasm and is common British slang. When you have an orgasm, you feel intense pleasure. You usually hear this term being used by adults. 
  • Example: I go insane when I’m pleasured by you.



  • Meaning:
  • (Verb) The word satisfaction is related to ‘orgasm’ because when you orgasm, you feel satisfied. Therefore, this term has become a common British slang and is even used in other countries like the UK.
  • Example: I want to be satisfied by you tonight.


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