British Slang For Party (10 Examples)

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People love parties, and it’s a common social event that every part of the world has. But, we can spice up a party by using other words to call it, right? Therefore, we listed 10 British slang for parties you could use in the future!

British Slang For Party (In Alphabetical Order)


  • Meaning:
  • (Noun) ‘Beano’ means a loud or noisy celebration or party. It is British slang that is used today in the UK but is uncommon in other countries.
  • Example: The house across the street had a beano last night so I couldn’t sleep.



  • Meaning:
  • (Noun) The word ‘blowout’ describes a huge gathering or party, oftentimes around food and with family and friends. This British slang has been adopted in some parts of the world.
  • Example: For my birthday this year, I want a blowout with my family and close friends.


Bun fight

  • Meaning:
  • (Noun) ‘Bun fight’ means a grand party. It is British slang that originated in the Victorian era when children would often use this term during teatime.
  • Example: Let’s have a bunfight to commemorate your success!



  • Meaning:
  • (Noun) The word ‘do’ has a lot of meaning, but in the UK, it is British slang for a party. It is uncommon in other parts of the world, and one might get confused with the term when visiting British countries.
  • Example: Are you not going to Hannah’s do later tonight?



  • Meaning:
  • (Noun) A get-together is a social gathering. This is used as British slang for a party and is a popular slang around the world.
  • Example: I’m planning a small get-together to get to know the new homeowners in our community.



  • Meaning:
  • (Noun) The word ‘happening’ is often used to call an exclusive party in the UK. In other countries, British slang is used to describe a regular party.
  • Example: I heard there’s a happening for the rich kids in town. 



  • Meaning:
  • (Noun) The word ‘knees-up’ is a lively party that oftentimes includes dancing; hence the term. Today, it is commonly used as British slang for a party.
  • Example: I was invited to a knees-up in a fancy hotel room!



  • Meaning:
  • (Noun) ‘rave’ is a term used to describe someone enjoying his or herself wildly or uninhibited. This has become British slang for a wild party with lots of booze and noise.
  • Example: I heard there’s a rave next month and I will be there!



  • Meaning:
  • (Noun) The word ‘shindig’ is a term for a wild and lavish party. It is a common British slang and you can hear this often when visiting British countries.
  • Example: I always dream of attending a shindig and meeting the love of my life.


Wrap Party

  • Meaning:
  • (Noun) A wrap party is a term used to describe an afterparty for actors and crew after they finish shooting a film. Today, it’s a well-known British slang for a regular party.
  • Example: Let’s have a wrap party by the end of summer.


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