British Slang For Sexy (10 Examples)

Sexy is a term used as a compliment for an attractive person. To be less forward though, let’s use 10 British slang to replace the word “sexy” to avoid side glances when we only mean well.

British Slang For Sexy (In Alphabetical Order)


  • Meaning:
  • (Adjective) This is an adjective that signifies appealing or toned in slang among teenagers. Someone who is buff has a good-looking body and appears to be in good shape. It is common British slang for “sexy” in the UK and other parts of the world.
  • Example: That buff man keeps looking in our direction!



  • Meaning:
  • (Adjective) Dishy is a term used to describe a sexy or attractive person. Younger people in the UK use this as British slang for “sexy” as to not be too obvious.
  • Example: There’s a couple of dishy girls who might be looking for fun tonight.



  • Meaning: 
  • (Adjective) Dreamboat is a term that is used in place of sexy. Usually, “dreamboat” is used to describe a man who’s attractive or has a strong sex appeal. This is not a very popular British slang and is heard within groups of younger people.
  • Example: The actor from the movie we watches was a dreamboat!



  • Meaning: 
  • (Adjective) Hot means a well-toned body or a sexy person. This term is a popular British slang and is widely used globally. You can hear younger people use “hot” in place of “sexy”.
  • Example: She is so hot, she will be desired by every boy in school.



  • Meaning: 
  • (Adjective) Hunky means having a well-toned physique or sexual attractiveness. This British slang is usually used to describe a sexy man and is used in the US as well.
  • Example: I went out with a hunky man last night and it was amazing!



  • Meaning:
  • (Adjective) So, in the United Kingdom, being fit does not necessarily imply that you spend a lot of time in the gym. Fit refers to a person’s attractiveness or sexiness.
  • Example: They’re both fit that’s why they look good together.



  • Meaning:
  • (Adjective) Lush is British slang that is used to describe a beautiful or sexy person. Sometimes, lush is also used to describe a beautiful experience or occasion. In other countries, lush can mean thick, as in “lush green leaves of a tree”.
  • Example: How did she become lush just over the summer?



  • Meaning: 
  • (Adjective) Peng is a term used in London to describe someone or something attractive or appealing. The British slang can also be used to describe food but is mostly used when describing someone sexy. 
  • Example: I can’t believe that a peng would want to go out with me!



  • Meaning:
  • (Adjective) The word “smashing” is British slang used to describe a sexy person. Smashing originated in Ireland and means “very good”. Today, most younger people use this slang in place of “sexy”, especially when they don’t want to be too obvious.
  • Example: He looked smashing last night at the party.



  • Meaning:
  • (Adjective) Toned means a well-built body of a man or woman. He or she is physically fit, and is deemed as “sexy”. This is a widely used British slang and is also a common term in other countries like the USA. Toned is often used by teenagers and young adults.
  • Example: That toned man over there wants to get to know you.

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