British Slang For Testicles (9 Examples)

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Let’s all be mature people and talk about another important body part, the testicles. While being the butt of many jokes, the testicles or balls are very important in terms of reproduction. In society, however, testicles are often used as something that relates to bravery or some form of hilarious punchlines. In this article, let us look at the various British slang for testicles. 

British Slang For Testicles (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) The most popular slang for “testicles.” The term has branched out for describing things that are nonsense. This is a prime example of profanity and its vulgar nature implies that this slang requires caution when being used. 
  • Example: It was a common comedy bit back then when a person gets hit in the bollocks.



  • (Noun) While originally referring to a type of bread from Scotland, the similarity between bannocks and bollocks has caused it to be used for testicles as well.
  • Example: Did you know that your bannocks are outside the body to maintain a lower temperature for sperm production?



  • (Noun) Used in both the UK and Australia, this vulgar slang points to a person’s testicles or scrotum.
  • Example: Cancer in the goolies is pretty common. Always get yourself checked. 



  • (Noun) Gooseberries are round fruits. However, in the older periods, British people would often compare them to testicles. Because of that, gooseberries were used for testicles as slang. 
  • Example: My gooseberries often get rashes due to the immense heat of the summer.



  • (Noun) Another British and Australian slang referring to testicles. Possibly comes from the term “gonads.”
  • Example: Most men while they sleep would scratch their nadgers. It is an involuntary action so do not be alarmed. 



  • (Noun) Like nadgers, this slang is used throughout the UK, Australia, and even the US. It is similarly derived from “gonads.”
  • Example: Most war vets would sing a song about Hitler having only one of his nads. It was never proven though.



  • (Noun) The Scottish slang for testicles. Originally, “baw” refers to balls or round objects. However, like “balls,” they were eventually correlated with testicles. 
  • Example: Whenever a dog gets neutered, its baws are removed. It reduces their libido and extends their life.  



  • (Noun) The Cockney rhyming slang for testicles. Moreover, it rhymes with balls and not testicles themselves. 
  • Example: They say that you are a coward if you have no cobblers. 

Kood/ Cwd


  • (Noun) The Welsh use this slang to point to one’s balls or testicles. The term is very much popular with the people of Northern Wales.
  • Example: Piers Morgan has no kood. He’s just there because he is famous and controversial. 

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