British Slang For Underwear (11 Examples)

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Your underwear or undergarments are an essential part of your clothing. They provide both comfort and protection, especially against friction. Did you know that some have some sort of religious significance? S In this article, we will be discussing several British slang words or terms relating to underwear. Enjoy and use our examples to better understand their usage.

British Slang For Underwear (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) The Northern Ireland slang for underwear or undergarments
  • Example: I always wash my cacks every Wednesday because that day is laundry day. 



  • (Noun) A popular slang in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. It is rhyming slang for “undies” or underwear. 
  • Example: My grundies have lost their tightness after a long time of use. 



  • (Noun) Another underwear slang, primarily briefs, was not very popular in the UK. It comes from the brand of clothes that were known primarily for their briefs. 
  • Example: My Jockeys are brand new and I can say that they are too tight. 



  • (Noun) The Northern England slang for undergarments or underpants. Might be somewhat related to “Cacks.” 
  • Example: The washing machine is on the fritz again and it shrunk my kecks. 



  • (Noun) The most popular slang for underwear in the UK region. It comes from the term “knickerbockers.”
  • Example: I used to wear Spongebob knickers back in the day and I was so proud. 



  • (Noun) When an Englishman or British person says “pants,” they might be shortening the term “underpants.”
  • Example: Your pants are showing! Adjust your clothes in the bathroom. 

Reginald’s/ Reggies


  • (Noun) While the British might not be using this term daily, the slang became highly popular in the Australian regions. It comes from Reginald Grundy, a popular media mogul. 
  • Example: Those reggies are suffocating your thigh. Find something new!



  • (Noun) Used more commonly in the British military, this slang for underpants comes from the popular brand of cereal and snacks.
  • Example: 



  • (Noun) The British residents use this slang to refer to the sleeveless undergarments worn instead of a t-shirt. 
  • Example: Singlets are going out of style. You better switch to dry-fit shirts at the local store. 



  • (Noun) Popular in both the UK and Australia, this slang simply refers to your underwear. 
  • Example: You better not forget to buy your kids some new smalls. They have grown up. 



  • (Noun) Arguably the most popular and most used slang for underwear, especially in the older generation. Y-fronts come from the pattern of briefs. 
  • Example: It was embarrassing but I accidentally pooped my y-fronts back in elementary. 

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