British Slang For Wow (12 Examples)

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When you say “Wow,” either you are amazed, shocked, surprised, or caught off guard. You can also use it to point out disgust or sarcasm. The context for wow matters but its frequency in conversation is something you cannot downplay. Due to the wide adoption of this particular expression, we have a lot of slang for it. Here are British slang words for “wow.” Learn to use them properly!

British Slang For Wow (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Interjection) Ace is a popular way of saying “amazing” or “brilliant” in the UK. 
  • Example: Ace! England just won the world cup! 



  • (Interjection) The Bristolian version of “blimey,” which is technically the British version of “wow.”
  • Example: Blige! We just won the lottery. We should treat the whole street!



  • (Interjection) While the term “bloody” may denote superlatives, it may also be used as an expression of awe, disgust, or amazement. 
  • Example: Bloody! The new Avengers film was the bomb. We need to see it again.

Blow Me


  • (Expression) While it may sound dirty, it is the origin of the expression “blow me away.” The British use it when they challenge a person to show them something special or amazing that will “blow them away” or “sweep them off their feet.”
  • Example: Your presentation of the baking soda volcano should blow me and your classmates for you to get a perfect score. 

Chuffing Hell


  • (Expression) An expression of extreme shock, dismay, or disgust that was used in the older periods by the British people. 
  • Example: Chuffing hell! The expensive beer we got was a dud. We need to get our money back!



  • (Expression) If used by the people of Ireland, then this slang means that something is excellent or beyond the standards.
  • Example: This wine is simply class! You know that the married couple is rich. 

Cor/ Cor Blimey/ Blimey


  • (Expression) A British slang phrase that exclaims shock, surprise, or amazement. 
  • Example: The first time I watched Harry Potter, I got up and shouted “Blimey!” I was so amazed!



  • (Expression) This chiefly Australian slang expression is an expression of amazement that is known throughout the world as the catchphrase of Steve Irwin.
  • Example: Crikey! The crocodile just ate an entire deer in one go!



  • (Expression) A somewhat archaic slang used by the Scottish. It is an exclamation of extreme shock, surprise, or horror. 
  • Example: Crivvens! The jumpscare nearly gave me a heart attack. 

Gordon Bennett


  • (Expression) Coming from the controversial James Gordon Bennett Jr., it is a British slang phrase often used to express immense outrage, shock, contempt, or surprise. 
  • Example: My son just scored the winning goal! Gordon Bennett!



  • (Expression) Sounds and used similarly to cor, it is a sound of admiration and surprise. 
  • Example: Phwoar! The Lakers were beaten by the Suns in the first round!



  • (Expression) Used primarily by the Irish, it has countless meanings but one of them is the Irish version of “terrific.”
  • Example: Quare! The airplane just vanished without a trace and it has not been seen since. 

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