British Slang For Yes (10 Examples)

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Yes might be a simple term but it is versatile and may be used in different ways. A yes might be an affirmation, confirmation, or some sort of acceptance. No matter how we use it, it is always on the positive side. Here is a list of British slang for yes and how to properly use them. 

British Slang For Yes (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Interjection) Chiefly British but also used globally, this slang is a simple superlative slang for yes. Absolutely means “affirmative.”
  • Example: Absolutely! I will take you out for ice cream if you pass your exams. 



  • (Interjection) Primarily present in the Scottish or Northern English dialect, this term is used in the Uk as a substitute for “yes.”
  • Example: Aye! You shouldn’t attempt to sail today because of the upcoming storm.



  • (Interjection) A shortened or corrupted slang of “definitely” used primarily by the people of the UK. 
  • Example: We will deffo on that. Your house rules are fair and beneficial to all. 

Is The Pope Catholic?


  • (Expression) A rhetorical slang that means “yes.” Commonly used by the British and some Catholics. 
  • Example: Is the pope Catholic? Then, you should believe that studying is good for you!

Och Aye


  • (Interjection) A Scottish slang phrase that roughly translates to “Yes. OK.”
  • Example: Och Aye. We will have the papers before the end of lunchtime 

Oh Ar


  • (Interjection) Used in the West Midlands of the UK, it is a term that indicates agreement. 
  • Example: Oh Ar! Learning some openings in chess is crucial. r

Righty Ho


  • (Interjection) Popular with the older generation of British people, righty ho is another simple slang that indicates assent to something. 
  • Example: We better camp here tonight so that we have enough energy for tomorrow. Righty ho, and follow my lead. 



  • (Interjection) British slang roughly equals “totally” or “completely. In fact, it comes from the corruption of the term “totally.”
  • Example: Your outfit is just so cute! Don’t you agree? Totes!

Wye Aye


  • (Interjection) Used by the Geordies of Northeast England, wye aye is simply just another “yes” in their dialect. 
  • Example: Wye Aye! We should abolish the monarchy and reroute their wealth for the people.



  • (Interjection) While mainly used in the US due to the popularization of the term by Ben Bernie, it originally came from the UK. It is an exaggerated version of “yes.”
  • Example: Never give a lady your yowza to the prom if you are not yet sure, okay?

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