New York Slang Bacon Egg and Cheese Meaning (And How to Use it)

There are some slang words that would be impossible to guess the meaning of if you didn’t already know. New York slang in particular is full of words that seem incomprehensible to people from out of state.

For instance, consider buck fifty. If you didn’t know it was a cut on the face, you might think it instead referred to a certain amount of money.

Bacon, egg, and cheese is not one of those mystifying slang phrases – it’s actually pretty straightforward. In this post, we’ll tell you about the meaning of the New York slang bacon egg and cheese and how to use it.

What Does Bacon Egg and Cheese Mean in New York Slang?

Like we mentioned before, bacon egg and cheese is pretty self-explanatory. It comes from a small list of phrases commonly used in bodegas.

The phrase simply means a sandwich with bacon, egg, and cheese on it. This has become such a common order, though, that it’s developed into a word of its own that you’ll hear everywhere.

Some even simply call it the BEC, which stands for bacon, egg, and cheese. This ever-popular breakfast sandwich has gotten many a New Yorker through their busy morning.

Examples of How to Use Bacon Egg and Cheese

The bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich has become such an integral part of New York bodega culture, that it’s basically one word. You say it all together: baconeggandcheese.

That’s why, if you were in a bodega, you might hear someone order it in a way that sounds rushed, like this:

“Can I get a baconeggandcheese, please?”

Of course, if you prefer, you can also refer to this popular sandwich as a BEC in your order if that sounds more preferable.

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Wrap Up

Wherever you’re from, food is probably an important part of your local culture. Most areas have that one type of food they’re well-known for, whether it’s a kind of pie, pizza, or a unique way of preparing hot dogs.

The bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich is just one example of a food that’s well-known in New York. It’s such an important breakfast mainstay, that it’s begun to be used in slang vernacular.

If you’re in New York, why not stop by a bodega and give it a try?

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