New York Slang Bev Meaning (And How to Use it Correctly)

If you were to swing by a bar or restaurant in New York, and just listen to what people are saying around you, you’d hear some interesting things. Unless you’re from there, you might not recognize a good portion of the words people say.

An example of one such word is bev. It’s pretty straightforward when you hear what it’s short for, but it can sound confusing at first.

We’ll tell you the meaning of the New York slang word bev, as well as how to use it properly yourself.

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What Does Bev Mean in New York Slang?

In a slang context, bev most often refers to beverages. Usually, it implies that the drink in question is an alcoholic one, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

You’ll typically hear it in reference to someone eating a meal without an accompanying drink. In that case, some may say “no bev” to indicate that there’s no drink with the food.

Examples of How to Use Bev

Bev is just an abbreviated way of saying beverage. In other words, any time you would use the word “beverage,” you can substitute it with bev instead.

If you were at a restaurant, you might hear someone say something like the following:

“I ordered the steak, no bev. Maybe I’ll get one later.”

You might also hear it in this kind of context:

“If you run to the bodega this afternoon, can you grab me a bev?”

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Wrap Up

Some slang is completely incomprehensible – you won’t know what it means until someone tells you. A good example of a slang phrase like that is buck fifty.

Bev isn’t one of those confusing words, however. Unlike some other slang terms, bev is completely straightforward, and you’d probably be able to guess what it means if you heard someone say it in a sentence.

If you’ve heard any other slang words in New York that you don’t know, try looking for it in our New York slang guide. We’ll keep adding to it as we learn new words, so feel free to check back in the future.

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