5 Poems About Decisions And Its Importance

Written by Gabriel Cruz - Foodie, Animal Lover, Slang & Language Enthusiast

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Making decisions can be both empowering and daunting. It’s a topic that has been explored by poets throughout the ages, resulting in a rich collection of verses that offer insight and inspiration. In this post, we bring you five original and unique poems about decisions.

Each one approaches the theme in a different way, showcasing the power of poetry to shed light on our most profound experiences. Join us as we explore the world of decision-making through the lens of verse.

The Weight of Decisions

Decisions, oh decisions,
The weight they bear, it seems so hidden,
A choice to make, a path to take,
Consequences to face, a future to make.

For every choice we make,
A consequence we must take,
The road we choose, the journey we create,
The life we lead, and the destiny we shape.

A decision made in haste,
Can lead to consequences that seem so misplaced,
A life forever altered, a future now unknown,
The weight of decisions, a burden we’ve sown.

But decisions made with care,
Can lead to a life beyond compare,
A life of joy, a future that’s bright,
A journey that’s filled with love and light.

For every decision we make,
A risk we take, a path to take,
A chance to shape our destiny,
To make our future, a life of true beauty.

So let us choose with care,
And let the consequences be fair,
For every decision we make,
Has the power to give or take.

For the weight of decisions, we must bear,
A burden that’s heavy, and it seems so unfair,
But in every choice we make,
We create a future, our destiny to take.

The Personal Journey of Decisions

Decisions, decisions, we make every day,
Choices that shape us, in every way.
Personal they are, a reflection of our heart,
Decisions that define us, a true work of art.

For decisions are personal, unique to each one,
A journey that’s sacred, like the rising sun.
They’re a reflection of our values and beliefs,
A true testament, to our joys and griefs.

Decisions that guide us, on the path we take,
Choices that lead us, to our own fate.
Personal they are, like a fingerprint so fine,
A reflection of our soul, and our own design.

From the simple to the complex, we make them all,
Decisions that matter, whether big or small.
Personal they are, like the stories we tell,
A true reflection of our own living hell.

For decisions are personal, like the song we sing,
A reflection of the melody, that makes our heart ring.
They’re a journey that’s unique, to each and every one,
A path that’s personal, until it’s done.

So let us embrace the personal journey of decisions,
And let our values and beliefs, guide our incisions.
For in the personal journey of decisions, we find,
A true reflection of our soul, that’s like no other kind.

The Challenge of Decisions

Decisions, decisions, they are all around,
The choices we make, can make us astound.
From the big to the small, from the easy to the hard,
Making decisions can be a difficult card.

For decisions can be challenging, it’s true,
Requiring careful thought, and weighing the view.
They can be complex, and require consideration,
Making us think and deliberate with caution.

From choosing a career, to buying a house,
To picking a partner, or even a blouse,
Decisions can be overwhelming, and tough,
Requiring us to be careful, and often enough.

For every choice we make, comes with a cost,
And the potential risks, are never lost.
We must weigh the benefits, and the drawbacks too,
And make a decision that’s right and true.

But making decisions, can be empowering,
Giving us control, and strength, and empowering.
It can shape our lives, and make us whole,
And lead us to a future that’s bold.

So let us embrace the challenge of decisions,
And use them to make our visions,
A reality that’s bright, and full of hope,
A world that’s new, with endless scope.

For decisions may be challenging, it’s true,
But they can also be a stepping stone to something new.
A world that’s better, and full of grace,
A future that’s bright, with endless space.

The Power of Decisions

The choices we make, the paths we take,
Are the building blocks of our fate.
The decisions we make, both big and small,
Can lead us to success or cause our downfall.

Making decisions can be a daunting task,
A challenge that we all must face.
But it can also be empowering, you see,
Giving us control over our destiny.

The power of decisions lies within us,
To choose the life that we want, to discuss.
To chart our course, to make our way,
And to live our lives in our own way.

With every choice, we take a step,
Towards the future that we want to beget.
It’s a journey that’s filled with hope and light,
As we strive to make our choices right.

For decisions are more than just a choice,
They’re the voice that speaks with our inner voice.
They’re the key to unlocking our potential,
And to making our dreams become exponential.

So let us embrace the power of decisions,
And let it be the force that leads our vision.
For in the power of decisions, we find,
The strength to make our lives truly divine.

The Evolution of Decisions

Life is a journey of choices and decisions,
A path that’s winding, with twists and turns, like a collision.
As we navigate through the world and its ways,
We’re constantly faced with decisions, day after day.

Some decisions are easy, while others are hard,
Some are emotional, while others are pragmatic and sharp.
Some decisions are based on facts and logic,
While others are intuitive, like a magic.

Decisions are fluid, like a river that flows,
And as we gain new experiences, our choices evolve and grow.
What once seemed clear, may now be obscure,
And what once was certain, may now be unsure.

As we face the challenges that life brings,
We must be willing to re-evaluate our things.
For the decisions we make, are not set in stone,
They’re evolving, like a seed that’s been sown.

With each passing day, we gain new insight,
Our perspectives shift, and we gain new sight.
The decisions we made, yesterday or last week,
May now seem outdated, like an antique.

But that’s the beauty of decisions, they’re not set in stone,
They’re evolving, like a butterfly that’s flown.
They’re a reflection of who we are and what we know,
And as we grow, our decisions continue to flow.

So let us embrace the evolution of decisions,
And be willing to adapt, as we face life’s new revisions.
For in the evolution of decisions, we find,
A journey that’s dynamic, and a world that’s kind.

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