British Slang For British People (12 Examples)

Ever wondered how the British refer to themselves? We have gathered the most common slang words used in the UK to refer to the British people. Here they are.

British Slang For British People (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) An obvious shortening of the term “British,” this slang is one of the most commonly used terms to refer to British people and is used by both foreigners and locals
  • Example: The Brits were widely respected in football, especially during the time of David Beckham. 



  • (Noun) Coming from the Celtics, this slang was used to call people that were natives of Great Britain. It is now considered to be archaic. 
  • Example: The Britons fought hard during World War II. They contributed greatly to the fight against Hitler. 



  • (Noun) A simple slang that means “a native of England.”
  • Example: Englanders are often seen by the global community as charming and full of manners. 



  • (Noun) A slang term used to describe people that come from the northern parts of Wales.
  • Example: I have a hard time following the conversations of Gogs. Their dialect is just too much for me. 



  • (Noun) The Scottish version of “Jack” and “John.” It is a general term that refers to people of Scottish origin.
  • Example: The Jocks have some fun traditions that involve a lot of history and drinking. 



  • (Noun) Though popularly used in Ireland as a given name, it has become a somewhat derogatory slang used by the British against people of Irish origin or descent. 
  • Example: Peter Griffin from Family Guy is a mick because his father was Irish. 

Pim/ Pommy


  • (Noun) A primarily Australian slang used to describe a British person, especially if they are an immigrant. 
  • Example: Our pommy neighbors are very nice. They invited us to dinner. 



  • (Noun) An obsolete derogatory British slang for someone who comes from Scotland. Bad blood was once boiling between the English and the Scottish in the past. 
  • Example: Never use Sawney for your friend! It is outdated and far too obscene.

Sheep Shagger


  • (Noun) A vulgar and derogatory term used for Welsh people. It implies that they have sexual relations with their sheep due to their countryside nature. 
  • Example:



  • (Noun) A historical slang used mainly by the Irish and Spanish to call a person of British background. It comes from the group, Black and Tans. 
  • Example: You tans better not get into trouble. The law has become stricter on minors. 



  • (Noun) Also used as Tommy Atkins, it was very popular during World War I. It was used to denote that a person was a common British soldier.
  • Example: I believe that the last Tommies that fought during the Great War have already passed away due to old age. 

White Settlers


  • (Noun) Used by Scottish and Welsh Nationalists during their fight against the British for independence, it was slang that denoted the British were unwelcomed invaders with an extremely pale complexion. 
  • Example: We learn from history that white settlers dominated the world while unjustly conquering natives. 

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