15+ Slang Words For Bathroom (And How To Use Them)

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Often taken for granted, could you imagine your life without bathrooms? We may find them essential and ubiquitous in modern times, but in fact, bathrooms are not a very old invention. You can only imagine what life was like before them.

We have gathered a list of slang often used to refer to bathroom and other words related to one of modern life's best inventions. Enjoy reading!

Slang Words for Bathroom (in Alphabetical Order)



  • (Noun) A British slang for bathroom or restroom. Bogs were swamps or muddy areas where people used to go to do their “businesses.” 
  • Example: The bog near the bus station is putrid. It should get some makeover.



  • (Noun) A Northern American slang for the toilet or bathroom. It is somewhat vulgar for some. 
  • Example: I need to hit the can but the line is just too long. 



  • (Noun) The Scottish slang for bathroom. 
  • Example: I salute the people cleaning the cludgies. They have guts of steel. 

Comfort Room


  • (Noun) Comfort room is mainly used in the Philippines. A euphemistic slang for the bathroom where you can relieve yourself and find some “comfort.”
  • Example: The comfort room at the fast food restaurant is surprisingly clean.  



  • (Noun) A vulgar slang for bathroom or toilet that comes from the British. “Crap” is also vulgar slang for poop or something that is of bad quality. 
  • Example: You better go to the crapper right now because you can’t once we are on the road. 



  • (Noun) Australian slang for bathroom. Comes from the British word “dunnekin” meaning “earth closet.” Originating in the 1940s. 
  • Example: The dunny needs some renovation as most of the bowls are clogged or ruined. 

Honey Wagon


  • (Noun) Refers to the portable toilets or restrooms. A honey wagon is originally what the trucks that suck human excrement are called. 
  • Example: I hate honey wagons in concerts. They usually get overused.



  • (Noun) An old slang in the US that means a place where you defecate or urinate. A restroom or bathroom usually. 
  • Example: The Starbucks near us has this gorgeous john that smells like vanilla.

Little Girl's Room


  • (Noun) A euphemistic slang often taught to young girls to describe the bathroom.  
  • Example: Susie needs to go to the little girl’s room. Please assist her. 



  • (Noun) This British slang is famously used in the England area. It means the toilet or bathroom.
  • Example: I need the loo. I’ve been holding my pee since this morning. 

Nature Calls


  • (Expression) An expression that implies that you need to go to the bathroom (to respond to the call). 
  • Example: Nature Calls! I’ll be right back. Do you have some toilet seat cover?



  • (Noun) Another US slang for toilet or bathroom. Usually, it means the children’s toilet bowl.
  • Example: Our baby still can’t use the potty. We will still need to train him. 



  • (Noun) This slang originates in the Northern American region. This slang has become synonymous with bathroom and is probably the most used substitute for it. It is a room where you can “rest.”
  • Example: Tarzan had trouble adjusting to society. He even finds it difficult to use the restroom.

Shit Room


  • (Noun) Another vulgar slang that comes from the word “shit” which is also a foul word for “poop.”
  • Example: Japanese shit rooms are the best. They use weird gadgets to help with the cleaning. 

Throne Room


  • (Noun) A “generous” slang for the restroom or bathroom. The toilet bowl acts like a throne in which you do your business. 
  • Example: The office throne room is out of order. The leakage problem is just the worst.

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