What Does Bricking Mean in Gaming? (Explained With Examples)

Are you wondering what the term “bricking” means in the gaming community? If you are curious about the term, you can find the definition below. We also added a few examples for you to understand how it’s used in a conversation.


What does Bricking Mean in Gaming?

Bricking is used to describe an electronic device that costs thousands of dollars, but is broken beyond repair. Therefore, this device is no longer usable and holds no value. It is just like a brick that does nothing.

Alternative Meanings


Bricking only means what was discussed above.

Examples of Bricking in Gaming

Example 1

  • Florence – Your computer is bricking here.
  • Marjorie – I know. I don’t have time to get it fixed.

Example 2

  • Gretchen – This is a limited edition console and it’s just bricking in the corner.
  • Jules – The technician said it’s beyond repair.

Example 3

  • Nico – Oh, what a shame. Can’t this be fixed?

Oscar – No, that’s why it’s just bricking there.

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