British Slang Growler Meaning with 3 Examples

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There are some words that, the moment you hear them, you think right away that they sound British. Sod and tosser are two examples of common British terms that you’ve likely heard before.

But have you ever heard a British person use the world growler before? If not, you may be totally confused by what the word means. Depending on where you’re located, you may even think the term simply refers to a large, refillable jug of beer.

The word has a completely different connotation in the UK. In this post, we’ll discuss the meaning of the British slang growler, in addition to providing you with examples so you know how to use it properly.

What Does Growler Mean in British Slang?

Growler is a very controversial word. Even in the UK, it has numerous meanings that vary based on the specific region you’re from. However, there are a few main meanings that show up in dictionaries and in online forums.

The first meaning found in many dictionaries is a horse-drawn carriage with four wheels. For obvious reasons, this is kind of an outdated concept, though, and we’d bet that you probably won’t hear it all that often.

There’s another, much more vulgar definition for growler that may cause some of your British friends to laugh if they hear you say it. In this understanding of the word, it refers to female genitalia. For that reason, this is a word to be cautious about, as you may risk offending your audience when you use it.

The second definition may be where the third definition comes from. According to the third definition, a growler is an insulting word you can use to describe an ugly woman.

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Examples of How to Use Growler

There are a few different ways to use growler, and they vary in offensiveness. We’ll start with the first and obviously least offensive one which refers to a four-wheeled, horse-drawn carriage.

In that case, you would say something like this: “Growlers are obsolete these days. The average person doesn’t have horses.”

The second version of the term is very vulgar. Because it refers to genitals, you’ll want to be careful when you say something like: “Did your doctor really call it a growler? Maybe it’s time to find a new doctor.”

Finally, there’s the version of the word you can use as an insult. In that case, it might sound like: “His wife is a bit of a growler, but they do say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Wrap Up

There you have it: an explanation on what the British slang word growler can mean. If you hear it, you’ll now have an idea of what it means, as well as has how to use it in your own sentences.

Keep in mind, however, that it can be incredibly vulgar and offensive depending on whom you’re speaking with and what you mean. This is a word we recommend being careful with.

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