British Slang Taking the Piss Meaning with 2 Examples

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There are a handful of British sayings that are so common, you’ve likely heard them even if you’re not in the UK. Sod is one example of a British slang term that’s been heard around the world.

Another ultra-popular phrase is “taking the piss.” If you’re from another country, you might assume that it means urinating. After all, in the US, “taking a piss” is a common way of saying you went to the bathroom!

In British slang, taking the piss means something entirely different. We’ve written this short post so you understand the meaning of taking the piss in British slang, as well as how to use it yourself.

What Does Taking the Piss Mean in British Slang?

If you’ve ever made fun of someone or joked around, you’ve taken the piss before. This graphic-sounding British phrase simply means you’re mocking someone or you’re not being serious about something.

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Examples of How to Use Taking the Piss

Taking the piss is an expression that’s the equivalent of a verb. You use it in a sentence to describe the act of mocking someone or something. Of course, you can also use it to describe when you’re just fooling around.

Here is one example of how you might say it: “Are you taking the piss right now? You’re making me nervous.”

You may also say something like this: “Sorry, mate, I’m just taking the piss. Are we good?”

Wrap Up

We personally love how funny and descriptive British slang can be. That’s why we’ve written so many guides about it.

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